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Dyno Testing

  1. Dyno Testing


Dyno Testing

The HENDERSON Dynamometer is a tool that sets us apart from most refurbishment and Repair shops, it has the capability to test machines up to 135,000 ft./lb. at suggested OEM rpm, by way of a New Gen Eaton 336WCBD3 brake and an engineered brake cradle, Structure and tie off points in the Dyno mast.

The Dynamometer is powered by a 600 v 1000 amp service to a 1600hp Yazkawa VFD driving the Top Drive and controls.

The brake and structure is fully adjustable to accommodate all Top Drives up to 1000T, controls are operated off a touch screen and air flow control valves, the system has the capability to provide live feed to the client during operation via the internet.

During a test all pertinent information is recorded (rpm, temp, torque) and a report presented to the client at completion.