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Electric Top Drives

  1. Electric Top Drives


Electric Top Drives

Engineered and manufactured under ISO and API quality management systems, HENDERSON top drives feature a small footprint and high torque output. With over a decade of field-proven reliability, our patented dual loadpath top drives are designed with customer needs in mind, such as rig adaptability and ease of rig up/rig down. Available with up to 1,400 hp, HENDERSON electric top drives feature a patented, dual load path design that results in reduced maintenance expenses and decreased downtime. In addition to
superior pull-down capacity and class-leading torque output.


  • Available for lease, purchase or straight rental
  • Air-cooled AC induction motor with heavy-duty oilfield service record, VFD controlled
  • Drive gearbox separate from swivel
  • 360 degree rotating, lower pipe handling section complete with hydraulic link tilt
  • On-board I/O modules & bus cable eliminate need for multiconductor control cable
  • On-board hydraulics
  • Ā Integrated backup leg and thread saver
  • Top drive extended; back torque track & bushing
  • Robust torque bushing & dolly systems
  • Heavy-duty mechanical quill brake (dynamic)
  • Once onsite, installation is typically completed in less than 24 hours with little or no modification to the rig