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HENDERSON is committed to doing things differently. With superior service and prioritizing of people, we understand and value how others interact with our brand.

This ad, recently published, represents our desire to think outside the box and push ourselves to see our industry in a different light. As a team, HENDERSON strives to provide a unique experience to everyone who comes in contact with our brand–from prospects to clients, suppliers to competitors.

The visual you’re seeing is a stereogram–a digitally-generated graphic that gives three-dimensional representation of a solid object or text, for example. Finding ways to stop the status quo, disrupt it for the better and improve our industry’s standards, quality of service and more is our ultimate aim.

It’s because of this unified desire to approach what we do in unique ways that allows us to serve our customers daily, innovate often, and market aggressively.


OUR MISSION: We put quality and equality first to deliver unparalleled, innovative, and competitive services from the best in the business.

OUR VISION: Build a sustainable, values-driven and global brand that is committed to impacting our employees, industry, communities, and world in a positive and lasting way.