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For those of you afraid to acknowledge it, be it out of fear or superstition, we're definitely in the early stages of a boom. Tens of billions of investment dollars are being plowed into oilfields here at home, and around the world. US production is the highest it's been since the seventies, and major milestones are being announced at record pace. The US exporting into the Middle East, India investing into the UAE, the largest oil reserves in the World, are now believed to be in the Permian Basin. Goldman Sachs calling for $80 oil; and some think $100 by end of year. What does it all mean? It means more jobs, a climbing global economy, and most importantly, it continues to demonstrate the cyclicality of the O&G space, and our need for low cost energy. To us at HENDERSON, it means we keep doing what we've done for decades...serve customers, our people, industry, and communities. . Recently, we had the privilege to spend some time on the road with our team to get in front of our c...

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Meet our New President & Chief Operating Officer, James Lank
HENDERSON is proud to announce our newest addition to the team, President & COO James Lank. James has performed with excellence in numerous leadership roles for a wide variety of oilfield service companies during good times and downturns in locations around the world.

James’ career is the story of someone who is dedicated to the same mission HENDERSON has stressed since day one: doing what’s rig...

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HENDERSON is committed to doing things differently. With superior service and prioritizing of people, we understand and value how others interact with our brand. This ad, recently published, represents our desire to think outside the box and push ourselves to see our industry in a different light. As a team, HENDERSON strives to provide a unique experience to everyone who comes in contact with our brand–from prospects to clients, suppliers to competitors. The visual you're seeing is a stereogram–a digitally-generated graphic that gives three-dimensional representation of a solid object or text, for example. Finding ways to stop the status quo, disrupt it for the better and improve our industry's standards, quality of service and more is our ultimate aim. It's because of this unified desire to approach what we ...

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Move Expands Product Line, Capacity and Technical Expertise in Automated Drilling Industry
HOUSTON, Texas, (March 21, 2017) – Henderson Rigs & Equipment (HENDERSON), a leader in capital drilling equipment, is proud to announce the acquisition of AXON Drilling Products (ADP), formerly a division of AXON Energy Products. During this acquisition the company has also rebranded as HENDERSON.  ADP is a recognized provider of top-quality drilling products and solutions and drilling floor equipment engineered and manufactured under ISO and API quality management systems, from top drives (mechanical drives that supply torque for the drilling operation) to pipe-handling equipment.
The acquisition provides HENDERSON with a legacy hydraulic top drive product line and intellectual property on 250/500-ton, AC-motor-driven top drives and drawworks, and other automated drilling products. It also strengthens HENDERSON’s capital e...
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