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  1. RigScope™



HENDERSON provides the RigScope™ control system to achieve optimal performance and a longer lifetime of efficiency.

In addition to its superior data logging functionalities, the system improves safety, reliability, monitoring, and maintenance functions on your overall drilling operations. Furthermore, Henderson engineers turn-key solutions, fabricates, installs and commissions entire system.


  • Driller’s Chair or stand-alone consoles available
  • Tool Controls/PLC controls
    • Drawworks
    • Pipe Handlers
    • Iron-roughnecks
    • Top Drives
    • Mud pumps
    • Electrical System (VFD or SCR)
    • Other auxiliary equipment
  • Integrated Zone Management System
  • Emergency shutdown system
  • Fire and gas integration
  • Rig floor communication/CCTV
  • RigScope™ Drilling Recorder Module for managing monitoring rig operations and data logging
  • HMI display of various functions
  • Network system/redundancy
  • Alarm Management Architecture
  • Engine/Generator monitoring and power limiting functions
  • Failure modes, effects and criticality analysis reviews for all critical equipment
  • 24 hour monitoring via remote link
  • Systems are verified by implementing Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing to ensure quality and minimum start-up time